Swimming Pool & Lingerie

A well-established and reputable modeling agency, Model Bangkok has established its reputation for providing some attractive and professional models for fashion campaigns and swimming pool and lingerie shoots. The confidence and comfort level of the models who do a swimming pool and lingerie shoots gives them an edge. We have some of the best and the freshest faces in the industry who will take your campaign up a notch and ensure success. Our team consists of models who specialize in swimming pool and lingerie shoots.

Lingerie models at Model Bangkok also know exactly how to pose, which will help to sell your lingerie. Our models are perfectly sculpted. They are neither too skinny nor too muscular and are well toned. All our models are rightly proportionate, which always comes in handy when it comes to lingerie shoots. Whether it is a swimming pool shoot or the lingerie shoot, it is the glossiness of the pictures which sell. The glossy effect doesn’t merely come from the editing. It is the skin of the model that should be radiant and glowing, which would be evident in the picture. All our models have a healthy glow which becomes very visible in the images during the shoot.

At Model Bangkok, we have models for all your swimming pool and lingerie shoots requirements. We proud ourselves in managing some of the best names and faces in Thailand. Our expert modeling scouts are always on the lookout for fresher and newer faces to make them leading models in Thailand. Suppose you are looking to work as a model. In that case, our company will give you unparalleled exposure, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned model. Our commitment to professionalism and a strife to deliver our clients’ best for their campaigns has made us a leading name as a modeling agency in Thailand.