Promotional Models

Bangkok is a hub of trade shows and promotional events. To take the promotional campaign of your brand up a notch, the best way to do it is to get promotional models to pose with the products. Our team of promotional models will get out there and attract new customers while creating a memorable experience for your existing clients. We at Model Bangkok will help you find the right model for your brand, whether it is opening a store, creating leads, street fairs, or product launches.

Hiring Promotional Models is one of the best ways to generate interest in the public about the product and representing the brand. Our comprehensive portfolios of the model will ensure that you find a model which is perfect for the product and the brand. When it comes to promotional models, there is nothing that you can compromise on, and professionalism is of utmost importance. Hiring models with us means no compromise on professionalism. Both seasoned models and fresh faces are associated with us and have worked on several promotional modeling contracts. The experience always comes in handy.

Being a boutique agency, we provide our clients with tailored and personalized services. We work hard to identify the specific needs that our clients might have and provide them. This customized approach is what makes us stand out and has led us to establish ourselves as a leading modeling agency. Apart from providing models for promotional events, we also provide models for fashion campaigns and events. If there is an event that is following the promotional event, we will be there at your service. Our dedication to customer service and our models’ beauty and professionalism will substantially impact your campaign.