Print Models

Model Bangkok is one of the most prominent and well-established talent agencies in the whole of Thailand. We represent some of the freshest and seasoned faces. The print models we represent have been in some of the most prominent magazines, billboards, calendars, and print advertisements. Our attractive models work tirelessly on every project to make it a huge success. This has made us one of the most powerful and successful modeling agencies in the whole of Thailand. In addition to being located in Bangkok, we also extend our services in Pattaya.

Sustaining our image as one of the leading modeling agencies isn’t an easy task. We work along with our clients to provide a hands-on approach to every client we work with. This also helps us to provide the client with the best model and a model that would be perfectly suitable for the campaign. Whenever we are designing any campaign, there is always a particular face that comes to mind. From the diverse selection of models that we represent, you would be able to find the perfect fit. Our creativity and dedication have made us one of the leading names in the world of print models.

Print Modeling is a celebration of iconic imagery and getting the message across through photographs. Before starting work on the project, our gorgeous and attractive models will do their homework to understand what the brand stands for and the client’s expectations. This always helps to deliver much more. The professionalism of our models is unbeatable. We are always scouting for beautiful and fresh Thai faces. Over the years, we have stood at the forefront of adapting ourselves to the changing demands and the printing world’s dynamic city. We also work towards providing our clients with models who have a significant social media presence, which is always helpful with the print campaign.