Glamour Models

Glamour modeling is an art form of its own. A model who is into glamour modeling needs to have a certain kind of sex-appeal and also be extremely comfortable in her skin. Finding the perfect glamour model for your campaign can be quite the task. You would be glad to know that your search stops here. We at Model Bangkok specialize in glamour modeling. The extensive selection of models that we represent will be able to fulfill the demands and expectations of your campaign. Our brand is known to represent some of the freshest and the most famous names in the world of Thai modeling.

We pride ourselves on scouting and representing some of the bright faces. Each of our models is gorgeous, attractive, professional, reliable, and of course, glamorous. They bring experience and their unique aesthetics to the campaign, which would ensure your campaign’s success. Our experts work tirelessly with the clients to help them find the right model which would be synonymous with their company and the campaign. They will take care of all the details. Our focus is to provide qualitative modeling, which involves a lot of commitment on the part of our agents and talent.

Model Bangkok has been a significant player in the industry for years. We cater to the client’s diverse model needs, which also include fashion, event, promotional, party, and swimming pool models. A distinctive sense of professionalism, integrity, and dedication has helped us carve a niche for ourselves. This integrity towards dedication has made us one of the leading names in Thailand. We will help you to reach your goals by providing you with the best talent there is in the industry today. With time we have become the pioneer and a leading name in the ever-changing and dynamic world of modeling.