Event Models

Model Bangkok has been established with the idea of providing high-end, efficient, and effective model staffing solutions. Our years of experience and learning have helped us identify some of the industry’s best event talents. We provide our clients with gorgeous and professional models for all kinds of events. There are various options from which our clients can choose from a wide selection of event models. The models we represent have the highest caliber talent in events in all of Thailand and worldwide.

Our modeling agency has established itself as a leader in the modeling industry. We provide our clients with highly-reliable, personable, and attractive event staff. All the models who work with us undergo a heavy vetting process based on their experience, personality, and behavior. We are known to have set a really high standard in the modeling industry, so you know that you are working with the very best names and faces. The reputation of a company is on the line whenever they hire event models. You can select the models that you would want to represent your company and the event. Our online feature helps you to pick the right face for your event.

What makes the event models at Model Bangkok stand out is the training of our models. Each model is trained to have the knowledge of the event and the expectations that the client has. We are known to take model staffing to another level and ensure that our clients’ expectations are met and beyond. Our modeling agency strives always to be the best and continuously learn from the experiences. When you are organizing an event, there is a lot on your mind. Our executives would be more than glad to help you with the process of model staffing and help you find the perfect models which would be synonymous with your brand and event. When you choose event models from our agency, your event is bound to be nothing but a success.